Gree 2 ton GS-24CT Air Conditioner distant device, 1540 watts feedback, 850 m3 /h air circulation, multi fan rates of speed, wide angel louvers, air circulation route management, comfortable sleeping method, quite style, anti-cool wind, time, turbo compressor button, time display, self-diagnosis, cleanable air cleanse filtration, memory function, secure, automated function, fantastic fin condenser, brilliant de-frosting, low volts start-up, low heat range start-up, dehydrating function, auto fresh, LED management, soft start.

Gree 2 ton GS-24CT Air Conditioner different comfortable relaxing ways allow you to have a audio relax. Without losing moisture from your skin part preserving your body system fresh. After relaxing research on the regards between relax and the change of beat of individual. Under this method according to the set model before going to relax. Microcomputer of the air refresher most judges instantly and advice the device to run according to the present temperature-time databases.

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