2018 Q9F – Pure picture perfection

Our best TV yet

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Q Colour – See the world in over a billion shades

Watch your favourite shows and movies with our most realistic, accurate, and vibrant colours yet. See all the intricate colour details of every scene through ground-breaking quantum dots.

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Q Contrast – Enhanced contrast at any time, in any light

Ultra Black

Can’t see the action because of the glare and reflection on the screen? With Q Contrast, you can now enjoy your entertainment undisturbed. Experience dramatic depth and find all the intricate details hidden even in the darkest scenes on an anti-reflective screen which dramatically reduces glare and significantly deepens blacks.

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Q HDR Elite – Our highest dynamic range experience

Powered by HDR 10+

By combining our Samsung expertise and HDR10+ technology, the Q9F brings you our highest dynamic range to deliver you the best cinematic experience. Discover previously unseen details in true to life images in both the brightest whites and darkest blacks.


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