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Sony OLED 4K Ultra HD Android TV (65A8H)

৳ 310,000

> 4K Resolution, 3840 x 2160 pixels
> Wifi, Ethernet
> 4 Speakers, 30 w Output
> 4 HDMI Ports, 3 USB Ports



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Deep OLED Blacks, Pure Sound Harmony

A high-powered processor in this 4K OLED TV creates a beautiful OLED picture in total harmony with sound. All from a stunning one-slate design.

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Making color and contrast more real

With Object-based HDR remaster, the color in individual objects on screen is analyzed and the contrast adjusted, unlike most TVs where contrast is only adjusted along one black-to-white contrast curve. Because objects are remastered individually, this TV can reproduce greater depth, textures, and more realistic pictures.


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Beautiful colors from any angle

Watching TV from the sides is now as satisfying as from the center. Our self-illuminating OLED panel keeps colors consistent and true, wherever you’re watching.

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